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Body Zorbing

Body Zorbing by Mid-Atlantic Mobile Battlefield is here! 

What is body zorbing?  Click here to find out.  Basically it’s like being inside an inflatable doughnut sphere.  You feel indestructible! We provide rentals and parties at YOUR location!

Requirements for events at your location:

Body zorbs are both expensive and delicate.  In order for us to come to your location, you must provide a safe environment for the players and zorbs.  This includes a well groomed, debris free grassy area, away from obstacles that would puncture the zorbs.  We need to have access within 100ft. of a standard electrical outlet to blow up, and deflate our zorbs.

Due to the delicate and expensive nature of the zorbs, we require a member of Mid-Atlantic Mobile Battlefield to be present for the duration of your event, even rentals.  A few exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

Here are the general rules for your body zorbing event:

#1 – Play only in the designated play area

#2 – Take everything out of your pockets before body zorbing

#3 – Do not blindside anyone at full speed

#4 – Take breaks often, body zorbing is a VERY physical activity

#5 – Body zorb at your own risk

#6 – Use body zorbs only for the purpose they were intended for

#7 – Always use the harness and hold on to the handles

#8 – All players must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form before using a body     zorb, no exceptions

#9 – Do not go near objects that could puncture the zorb

#10 – Have fun!

How do events work?

If you would like to reserve a date and time, please look at our News and Events tab.  If there is already a party scheduled for the date you would like, please call us first.  You may fill out a Reservation form on the Reservations and Deposit page.  We will respond to your reservation request within one day of your submission.  After your date and time is reserved, we will send you a Service Agreement and Liability Waiver form.  The Service Agreement needs to be returned, along with payment for your event, plus a $50.00 reservation and damage deposit. (this deposit will be refunded to you after the equipment is inspected after the event, if all checks out okay).  We will collect the Waiver form on the day of the event.  Everyone who participates in the event will need to be on the waiver form, with signed permission from a parent or guardian to play, there are no exceptions to this as our insurance will only cover those who are on the form. The day before your event, we will call you to make sure there are no changes for your event.  We will arrive onsite about 1 hour prior to your start time to set up everything.  We will then supervise the action duting the rental time.  Then we break down and take everything away, after the players are thoroughly worn out, of course.

Prices and packages:

Rentals– Please note, we have 6 adult sized zorbs, and 6 child sized zorbs.  Some older children will do fine with the adult sized zorbs, but it is not possible for adults to squeeze into the child sized zorbs.  If need be, we will rotate out players during the event.

1 hour party for up to 6 zorbs - $300.00

1.5 hour party for up to 6 zorbs - $400.00

2 hour party for up to 6 zorbs - $500.00

Additional zorbs for your party - $50.00 each

A Mid-Atlantic Mobile Battlefield rep will be there to supervise only, not facilitate games.  Our role is to make sure the zorbs are protected.  A rep may intervene if he/she believes the zorbs are being misused.  Anyone purposely misusing a zorb may be asked not to participate in the remainder of the event.


updated 8/1/15

Reservation Form

Attention Customers - If you are owed a discount or your party price differs from the packages offered in the Paypal dropbox, we will settle up the difference at the conclusion of your party.